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Photography provides me with an ever flowing outlet. An outlet that allows me to capture people in their truest form, leaving a mark on society with the story of their lives. 

I am a creative soul.

I have always been a creative kid. The one who colored in and out of the lines. The one who sprinkled glitter everywhere, sorry Mom. I wanted the Play-Doh, the DIY art kits, bedazzler, paint sets as gifts. Just about anything that allowed me to create.

I once believed I wanted to be a fashion designer. I carried around a portfolio of clothing designs during my elementary and middle school days. Come high school, I discovered graphic design. This is when I hung on tight and knew I was meant for this. I pondered with the idea of photography, I even did projects about photography within my graphics course but being that we didn’t have a photography course, I stuck it out with graphic design. Using my first DSLR camera to pour back into my graphic design work.

I officially began my photography journey during my last few semesters while acquiring my B.F.A from Salisbury University. I was studying graphic design and photography, when my photo professor helped unlock the idea that, photography is what you make it. How you capture a frame, how you edit an image and even to how you communicate with your subjects. There is no one size fits all. It’s your expression, after all.

Dreams are possible.

I used to believe that unless you were taking photos of celebrities for magazines or large scale home decor, there wasn’t really an avenue to be successful in photography. This is when he pushed us to photograph portraits as an assignment. My eyes nearly bulged out of my head. The thought of instructing someone and capturing them sounded terrifying and extremely awkward. Little did I know, this exact project would be what dusted off my fears to allow me to become fully authentic in portraiture.

After being a part time photographer and graphic artist, I ended up resigning from my salary position at a graphic design firm where I worked loyally for over seven years in pursuit of my photography dream. I had always dreamt of being a business owner and even wrote an essay specifically about being an entrepreneur, that awarded a scholarship which allowed me to work less and work on my craft.

My whole heart. 

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to wake up everyday and pour love onto others with my passion of photography.

Being able to incorporate my education with graphic design, marketing and photography, I am able to educate other entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses.

Thank you for being here and investing in my dreams. It means more to me than you could imagine!

Besides photography.

I am a mama to two of the sweetest little boys who have absolutely helped me discover the true meaning of life. 

I am Aunt Caddy to four amazing little people and referred to as Caddy by many of my close friends.

I am a spiritually connected person whom is always on the search to discover more of my highest self.

Iced coffee with caramel lights my taste buds up and it pains me to go a day without it.

I absolutely adore traveling, seeing new places and learning other culture, overcoming travel anxiety in the meantime!

I fill myself up outside of my photography by oil painting, yoga, meditation and home decor. I could and have easily spend all day in Home Goods, crafting an idea of how to refresh a space and refinishing an item to feel new.


If there is anything else you’d like to know about me, I’m an open book!



I will chalk paint just about anything! I Find so much joy in bringing new life to pieces with character and making an item truly mine!


I’m a skin care advocate. I actually debated becoming a dermatologist or going to esthetician school because I find skin so INTRIGUING and BEAUTIFUL. It’s the first thing I notice about someone other than their eye color!


I probably own about a HUNDRED dresses and I practically live in them during the summer months. SO much comfort.


The tingly dizzy feeling you have when you are in a state of complete bliss, is arguably one of the best things to chase after. Meditation allows me to reach this bliss and remain balanced. #iTrust

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