I am so so excited to have you here and even more excited to have you in person as an attendee to our FIRST WORKSHOP ever!


Thank you for being here and showing interest in the Photography Fundamentals Workshop!

Education is near and dear to my heart. I am what they call the “teacher’s pet”. I have always been the student friending teachers to get the absolute most information out of them. From the very beginning, I knew how much continued education was important to my being.

Always loving education has brought me to have a passion for sharing education.

Whether the education is experience based, fact based or even based on opinions, nothing compares to knowing I am able to impact someone’s life by sharing what is going on in my noggin.

Teaching photography and graphic design education has been a one of the biggest dreams of mine.

I regularly daydream about hosting workshops to share with young sprouting photographers or creative entrepreneurs who can benefit from photography or graphic design education by…

Sharing the things I wish I knew when I began my business.

Sharing the essential information that will help you blossom to who you are supposed to be much faster than living in the dark, worry filled space of not knowing how to shoot, how to edit, how to interact with clients and SO MUCH MORE.

I would be honored to have you as an attendee to my first workshop ever. 

The Photography Fundamentals Workshop is a perfect match for a person seeking to learn more about their camera, how to create or discover your own shooting style and to create authentic unposed photos of their family, children and even clients.

We will be discussing some of the basic information needed to blossom in the photography world. Geared more towards those who want to take photography more seriously in hopes of getting into business or refining and enhancing their small business.

Camera Settings

The most crucial factor aside from composing an image is actually CAPTURING the image. Are you shooting in auto, portrait or in whichever mode your camera happens to land on?

We will be discussing the ins and outs of using a standard mode like portrait, Av, and Tv. We will mainly discuss and learn how to use manual mode! The secret to transform all of your photos.

Authentic Posing

Did you know not only how you take the photo, align the composition but how you pose or direct your subjects can MAKE or BREAK the entire image? We will be discussing simple tips and tricks to harness natural movement that will enhance all kinds of your photography!

Practice Shooting

On real people but not the kind that can throw you in jail. The corny jokes are complimentary with your attendance. You will also get the chance to get in front of my camera and receive at least THREE professional head shots of yourself. We will have models there at your disposal to practice POSING and SHOOTING in a stylized setting! Cue the confetti!


Workflow Walkthrough

Following our mini shoot with the models, we will sit down and discuss the next steps to editing the photos. Whether these are photos of your family, children, friend or a client who has paid you, I will walk you through the steps I take to maximize my time and basic edits on the selections.

My heart has always rooted for community over competition. I have only ever wanted to see the success in others while I continue to blossom myself. I am HUGE fangirl of Rising Tide Society whose mission is exactly this.

As a local chapter leader, I am able to share my love for spreading light and education to those in every stage of their business every month at our Tuesdays Together meeting and daily through an online community. A completely OPEN question and answer segment to the workshop is crucial to build our community while joining you on this wave!

Open Q&A

Winding down our time together we will open the floor to discussion. This is the time you can ask anything photo related, tips for running a business or anything on your mind! We are open to all discussions and will honestly and openly answer to the best of our ability. There is NO QUESTION that is off limits. Expect genuine raw answers!

The Photography Fundamentals Workshop will be taking place on Saturday March 24th from 9am–6pm at Cassidy MR. Studio in downtown Easton!

We are accepting limited seating of eight attendees for maximum concentrated education. A seat in the Photography Fundamentals Workshop is $550.

As a recap, the Photography Fundamentals Workshop will cover:

  • How to operate your camera in manual and how to perfect your own personal shooting style
  • Practice authentic posing and learn tricks to make any moment candid
  • Mini styled shoot to practice shooting and professional head shots
  • Workflow walkthrough. Steps to take after capturing images, how to organize and maximize time spent on the computer
  • Open Q&A to discuss any burning questions that are not covered in the topics above
  • Swag bags, giveaways, headshots and most importantly becoming a member of a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY!

Workshop seats are confirmed by placing 50% of the seat total down as a non-refundable retainer that secures your spot at the workshop. The final 50% is due a week before the workshop.

Receive $100 off workshop price by snagging a seat before March 10th 2018. Seats are extremely limited!

**Instagram friends get another special discount by sending a message saying hello workshop**


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