Cassidy’s senior session was an Eastern Shore true original. Featuring, a gorgeous glowing farm property and her father’s commercial fishing boat.

We began her session at her Aunt’s farm to embrace her love for agriculture while tying in a location with some of her fondest memories. The sun began to glow brightly as we walked down the lane to take those photos her mama specifically asked for. You see, sometimes the photos that don’t make sense to you at the time, can come full circle years down the road.

I personally enjoyed seeing the comparison of little Cassidy versus the blossoming woman holding that picture frame of that little girl.

We wrapped up her warm sunny session by traveling to Kent Narrows where her father has his boat docked. As a tribute to her father who has been battling some serious health conditions and a way to show appreciation for the boat that has helped carved her family.

Sentimental locations will always have my eyes growing wide with excitement! It will be those photos at those places that you look back on in ten years and feel that same sun beating on your shoulders, like you were right there.