If I could describe Adriean and Ryan’s love in two words it would be laughter and lightness. I first crossed paths with Adriean over Facebook (Yay social media!) when she was looking for a second shooter. I got to meet Ryan the day I second shot for Adriean and it was quite sweet to see his support for his wife. Even though she was sweating bullets trying to match timelines, he remained calm and told her it would be okay.

Although getting to see these two interact outside of a work environment got EVEN SWEETER. These two were gigging, nuzzling and just full of love during their session! Being married for almost two years and together for over TEN years with pure happiness.

We met right outside of St. Michaels, MD where we found the prettiest blossoms on the side of the road before heading to our original set location in Wittman. The sun was at the perfect angle. There was a slight breeze and their excitement to be together shined through the images.

Adriean and Ryan, I hope you have a great anniversary this summer + hope the next years are as sweet as the last 12 have been! 


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