Ashlee and Taylor are quite the catch! I am not just saying that because they are engaged to be married but the energy these two share is absolutely contagious. Taylor has worked with Ashlee’s dad for quite some time and seems to have always belonged a part of this family!

I love when couples bring their children to their engagement sessions. In reality, you are not just marrying a person but you are marrying their family as well. Taylor’s son wasn’t able to attend the session which means he might be over photographed the day of the wedding!

Bennettย was able to come and was such a delight. He ended up bruising his chin before the session (boys will be boys) but luckily this wasn’t that noticeable. Bennett was playful and listened so well. I can’t wait to see him all dressed up on their wedding day.

Congratulations Ashlee + Taylor! We are six months away!



Bennett makes an amazing second shooter! I was grabbing some last detail shots of Ashlee and Taylor when Bennett runs over with his Nintendo 2DSย ย and shows me this behind the scenes photo he took of me shooting! How cute! I think I may have to hire him when he gets older as a second shooter ๐Ÿ™‚