One of the most popular things I hear when a couple gets engaged, is that they have no idea how to ask the members of their bridal party and then, no idea on what to gift them for being a part of their day!

Are you on the search for meaningful bridal party gifts? Do you want a gift that will last beyond the wedding? A momento that has a purpose or second use?

Beyond the standard matching robes, specific pair of dressy earrings or any other sort of gift that makes sense for the wedding day but will only collect dust in your maids closet, Bridemaids Gift Boutique is your source!

Bridesmaids Gift Boutique sent over this incredibly stunning customized velvet makeup bag that I can not get over!

 The cover has a fun swirly stich pattern and is seriously the SOFTEST velvet ever! Not to mention, this baby can hold a TON! There is so much room inside this personalized makeup bag and being that the material is soft, there is plenty of wiggle room to pack in all your essentials. If you are like me, I tend to overstuff my makeup bags and the ones with a hard shape are not my friends. I just adore this bag and the cutest zipper tassel to grab a grip of that zipper! Ya know, in times of the overstuffing, like I mentioned before… One of my favorite gifts as a bridemaid was to recieve a custom wine glass or champagne flute! I feel as this is such a fun way to keep track of your drink the morning of the wedding while also being a fun photo opportunity to capture who is a part of the day! I love a wine glass with a top. This means you can do all the dancing, scooting and tripping over the bags of stuff ladies need while they are preparing for the wedding day!

I am all for things in life that hold double purposes like these items that can be used on the wedding day and many days after!

What is even cooler is that, the guys finally have a saying too! If you are looking for gifts for the men in your wedding party too, check out Groovy Groomsmen Gifts. This is Bridesmaids Boutique Gifts sister, or shall I say brother company focusing on all things manly!