When planning a wedding, there are so many small factors that come into play. There are old traditions, new traditions, new ideas and for some families, superstitions.

One of the most popular items at a wedding that can tend to be forgotten about or thrown into the pile last minute are, wedding favors.

A wedding favor is a way to “thank” your guests for coming to celebrate with you while also giving them a momentum to remember your big fun celebration! Favors are an old fashioned trends that some couples opt out or really splurge on. The decision is ultimately up to you.

Wedding favors can include edible items, like chocolates or mints. Some couples are opting for plantable favors that can extend the life of the wedding. Including but not limited to succulents or seeds to plant.

One of my favorite trends to see at a wedding is a multipurpose favor. A favor that can be used for more than one reason AT your wedding and a favor that can be used again by your guests.

Items like a personalized coozie, cup, wine or even a champagne glass. These could be customized to you and your fiancรฉ’s wedding details or even personalized to your guests.

The possibilities are endless. You can place a plant or succulent on the inside a container as a planter for your guests. You could use a cup or vase to place your place cards in, doubling as a favor and a place setting.

Just like these vintage creamer assorted vases from ForeverWeddingFavors.com that could also be used as a centerpiece or as additional decoration throughout your reception with floral stems.

If you’re someone who is looking for items that can be used again and again after the life of your wedding, multipurpose favors is your way to go!

ForeverWeddingFavors.com is a website that has hundreds of options of items I see as multipurpose!

Forever Wedding Favor is also a sister company to Bridesmaids Gift Boutique and Groovy Groomsmen Gifts who specialize in unique wedding party gifts your people will use again and again after the wedding!

Just like this adorable customized pajama sleep shirt from Bridesmaids Gift Boutique that can be worn the morning of the wedding and any night one of your maids wants to be comfy in her customized shirt!

This post was made in collaboration with ForeverWeddingFavors, Bridesmaids Gift Boutique and Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.