With each post, I find myself saying oh gees this category is harder than I thought. Going back through thousands of pictures and 25+ beautiful weddings to choose a mere 10-20 photos feels nearly impossible! I end up gathering 50 images and then have to chop down from there. Especially when some of my favorite photos have been shared in another category already!

I have truly been blessed with some of the most adorable and beautiful couples in 2016. It has been such a great year and I am so grateful to have documented all of these delicateย memories for all of these amazing people!

Below are 15 of my favorite bride and groom portraits (excluding my favorites ofย veil shots from my previous post here)

bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0001 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0002 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0003 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0004 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0005 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0006 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0007 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0008 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0009 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0010 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0011 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0012 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0013 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0014 bride-groom-maryland-cassidymrphotography_0015