If I could go back to high school and look like any of the seniors I have had the joy of photographing this year, I would be set! There are SO SO many favorites from 2016 and choosing 15 was definitely a challenge!

I personally never got senior portraits taken. I had my cap and gown photos taken and the traditional studio photos done. How I wish I could have gone back to capture myself in this delicate state of life! For those of you who are in between getting professional portraits done or just your school portraits, GET BOTH! Time goes by so quickly and having these sweet memories to look back on are irreplaceable.

Below are 15 of my favoriteย senior portraits from 2016! Tell me yourย favorites inย the comments!ย 

maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0001 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0002 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0003 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0004 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0005 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0006 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0007 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0008 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0009maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0016 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0011 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0012 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0013 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0014 maryland-senior-cassidymrphotography_0015