This could have easily been one of the hardest things I decided to do. Many of you do know and some do not, that before becoming a full time photographer I worked part time at a fine jewelry store. I was a graphic designer and jewelry photographer during my last semester at Salisbury University.

As fun as it was to see and feel all of these jewels as well as photograph their all of their sparkles, the studio setting just lacked something I was yearning for. When I began photographing more and more engagements as well as weddings, my eyes widened and glistened just as the diamonds on all of the beautiful rings did.

This was it. I absolutely LOVE placing rings in unique locations and giving the owners a cherished detailed macro photo of ring symbolizing their eternal love.

So here my friends are twenty of my favorite ring shots from 2016!

Tell me which one is your favorite in the comment section below!

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