Tyler and Paige’s love takes flight! Their love took off the very night on their first date when, Tyler took Paige for a ride on this 1947 Navion plane him and his father co-own. Wearing the same captain’s hat and vintage pilot coat seen throughout some of this session, it just made sense to capture their first professional photos together around this piece of their story!

Tyler is a Aerospace engineer, who designs planes for the US government. Growing up with a father who was a flight instructor, Tyler had the option to get his drivers license or learn how to fly first, so he chose to learn how to fly. The love for the sky runs in his blood and he shared this piece of him with Paige on their very first night together.

Knowing Paige personally throughout the years and remembering the night she told me about their epic first date, I remember saying something along the lines, of wow, Tyler really sets the bar high for first impressions! I watched Paige oodle over him. Not just because of the experience she shared but the connection she felt with him.

As a friend of Paige’s, I am absolutely lit up to see her giving and receiving such pure love with Tyler. You can see it all over these photos, how much sweetness is between these two. See for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚