False lashes, to wear or not to wear? That is the question.

Emily Hurlock, a licensed cosmetologist located in Easton, Maryland, shares with us WHY false lashes are amazing for your photos and also her FAVORITE brands of false lashes to use!

In this post we will be breaking down THREE incredible reasons to wear false lashes for your photo session!


1. Bold Line

Not only do false lashes create a bold lash line (without even applying liner) but it gives the appearance of drastically longer lashes. Longer lashes = drawing more attention to your eyes.


delawarewedding_photography_cassidymrphotography_0003 Hair & Makeup done by Lexi Spencer of Glitz & Glam Salon


2. Dimension

False lashes help to open up the eye adding a little more dimension to the shape. Wearing false lashes may feel uncomfortable and strange at first but that only lasts for the first few minutes and then they’re totally worth it.


Just look how amazing these false lashes frame Jackie's eye and make the color of her blue eyes POP.Just look how amazing these false lashes frame Jackie’s eye and make the color of her blue eyes POP!


3. Structure

Drawing more attention to your eyes and defining the natural shape of your eye leads to enhancing the structure of your face! With false lashes you are able to enhance your already natural beauty while adding directional lines that will define your cheek and eyebrow bones! 

delawarewedding_photography_cassidymrphotography_0055 *Cameron is rocking a set of Ardel, Black Whispies in the photo above. These lashes added a perfect touch without being too dramatic!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.26.35 PM

My favorite most natural appearing lashes are “Ardel, Black Whispies.” They are completely natural looking and still give your eye the attention it needs to polish your look for your engagement, senior or portrait session.


Another favorite I prefer to use more for brides, are “Velour Lashes.” They are a bit more dramatic but look AMAZING on brides who want to look exceptionally great for their special day. These lashes can be worn up to 20+ times and are waterproof which is a plus. Which means cue the happy water works!

Right photo courtesy of Billy Whaley Photography.

Left photo is a studio shot by Emily Hurlock. Right photo courtesy of Billy Whaley Photography.

“The most luxurious of all false lashes, Velour Lashes have been worn by some of the most fashionable celebs including Beyonce, Jessica Alba, and Demi Lovato!”


“As a professional makeup artist I highly recommend false lashes. I myself have had photos taken wearing them, as well as without them and the difference between the two is huge!

I supply all different shapes and lengths to fit each and every clients wishes! My goal as a makeup artist is to make you feel your absolute best for your photos and with the help of false lashes you will be sure to feel beautiful!!!”

-Emily Hurlock


Thank you Emily for sharing with us your favorite brands of false eyelashes and why as a cosmologist you recommend them! I have had the honor of working alongside Emily when she has styled some of my clients for their photos and the results are incredible. The use of false lashes have enhanced many of my client’s photos by polishing off their look and making them feel FABULOUS!

Most people think of big bold dramatic lashes when they think of false lashes, like the ones you would wear on Halloween. Although, there is a large variety of lengths and thicknesses of lashes out there for YOU and your unique eyes!