I have some really exciting news to share with you! Cassidy MR. Photography and Blooming Aura have joined to bring an amazing add-on to any session!

Blooming Aura is a local company run by Gabrielle and Jess from Talbot County! If you have the pleasure of knowing these two women, you would know that they are filled with so much love and positive light.

Blooming Aura is a monthly jewelry loan box that will send you some of the most incredible pieces to wear and test for a month. At the end of the month, you can keep the pieces you want to purchase and send the others back in the pre-paid shipping label. It’s that easy! You can also create a wish list here where all the pieces that come to you in your personalized box will be pieces you have selected on or fit within the style you like!

Do you find yourself struggling to find jewelry pieces that flow properly together? Are you a senior in high school that wants a fresh and modern look for your portraits? Are you looking to spice up your headshot session with some playful jewelry?

We are offering the option to select up to FIVE jewelry pieces to wear for your session for the small cost of $25. Gabrielle and Jess will even help style what jewelry to go with what you are wearing! For those who are indecisive choice makers (like me!) this will be so beneficial when wanting a fresh look and not being sure how to receive that! Ladies who add on Blooming Aura Jewelry to their session will also get a 15% discount to purchasing any of the jewelry they are wearing or see throughout the collection! 

Blooming Aura so sweetly sent me a sample box so I could understand how they work and I am blown away! Check out the images below as I go through my sample box and see all the gorgeousness they let me loan 🙂

maryland-jewelry-cassidymrphotography_0001 maryland-jewelry-cassidymrphotography_0002 maryland-jewelry-cassidymrphotography_0003 maryland-jewelry-cassidymrphotography_0004 maryland-jewelry-cassidymrphotography_0005 maryland-jewelry-cassidymrphotography_0006 maryland-jewelry-cassidymrphotography_0007 maryland-jewelry-cassidymrphotography_0008 maryland-jewelry-cassidymrphotography_0009 maryland-jewelry-cassidymrphotography_0010 maryland-jewelry-cassidymrphotography_0011