Oh, where do I start?! Corryn’s beautiful soul crossed paths with mine when she applied for my senior model program this past spring.

In the early fall of 2014, I decided I wanted to expand my senior photography while also being able to make an impact in these young women lives. The perfect way to do this was to start a senior model program.

What is a senior model program? 

My senior program selects four very special ladies from different schools to represent Cassidy MR. Photography. Not only will they receive a complimentary senior session, a Cassidy MR. Senior starfish tank top, full hair & makeup styling for their senior session and other various goodies, but they will receive a mentor as well as a supporter. I simply want to create bonds with these young women while letting them have the comfort of knowing someone who has already been through what they are about to go through (& of course a super fun unique senior photo experience!)

Upon graduating Salisbury University in December 2014, I knew how it felt to be in that raw moment of “what do I do next?” or “I know where I want to go in life, how do I get there?” I also remember how so much changed on the transition from high school to college. I personally did not get senior portraits done outside of the cap and gown photos the school supplied you, and oh how I wish I did.

I become estatic looking back on where this journey has taken me. Corryn is one of my models from my second round of my senior model program and I could just scream with excitement over her session.

Corryn is the perfect mix of sass, spunk and sweetness. Corryn comfortably moved in front of the camera and giggled through the directions I gave her. She decided to have one of her three outfit choices be her homecoming portraits with her ever so sweet boyfriend, Chris. It was nearly impossible to limit down photos from Corryn’s senior session because I was just adoring them all! (& not to forget how much I adore that vintage yellow couch)

Hair & Makeup: Emily Hurlock

Check some of them out below:

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