Gabraella’s senior session was nothing short of amazing.ย I could just squeal like a pig in mud when my seniors bring the best props to their session. Gabraella shook things up by bringing her best furry friend for some shots! Even though Gizmo was trying to avoid the paparazziย (me!) I could tell these two had a special bond.

Gabraella even brought along her Nikon film camera and informed me she was also interested in photography. CHA-CHING! My eyes began spinning likeย the wheels on a slot machine. I honestly hit the jackpot with unique seniors who come to me for their senior portraits. Even though Gabraella wants to pursue a career in criminal justice possibly along the lines of crime scene investigation, my little photographer heart was trying to steerย her in the creative direction ๐Ÿ™‚

We spent the afternoon exploringย Tuckahoe State Park, smiling in the sunshine, finding abandonedย cars and dancing through the woods.

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