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I was just starting to book more wedding clients when I began to have this overwhelming feeling as if I was not providing enough to my clients. I was taking the time out of their busy work schedule and hectic wedding planning life to meet me at a local coffee shop to sign my photography contract. This worked fabulously for the local clients that I got to sit down with, get to know better and begin to blossom our new found friendship. I thought this must be how all wedding photographers get close to their clients and provide them with a experience of a lifetime. This was true, until I began booking clients on the other side of the state. Sure, I could meet them halfway and I did. Then, picking days and times that worked for all of us became a struggle. I would mail a contract to a couple to have them send back. This worked great but I felt disconnected. I found this felt so impersonal and so much like stone cold business. I didn’t want my clients to feel like they were just another contract and a signature on a paper.

Besides the snail mail taking a while back and forth with inquiries pouring in for the same date, I knew I needed to up my game. I tried emailing contracts to clients when I suddenly started hearing more and more about HoneyBook. Whether it was a sign or just pure coincidence, I began to see some of the photography idols I loved sharing about their experience with HoneyBook. So, I rightfully took the plunge. I was prompted to their beautifully designed website. Being a graphic design major in college and a web designer for the past seven or so years, this was a very good first impression. I placed my email in the sign up form and could not wait for a representative to reach out to me to walk me through HoneyBook.

Here I am, a year and a half later. Using HoneyBook on a regular basis and proud to be one of the few HoneyBook Business Coaches! I was chosen to educate others on how to properly use HoneyBook and utilize this amazing software to improve their business practices!

Below are THREE simple yet mind-blowing effective actions using HoneyBook allowed me to accomplish.

  1. Booking Clients Faster
  2. Getting Paid Is Easier
  3. Becoming More Professional & Trustworthy

Booking Clients Faster 

Is this possible? YES! Being able to send a brochure that lists all of my services and the goodies that one with them at the touch of my fingertips or keyboard has set me free. As soon as a client tells me the date of their wedding, I can send over a personalized workspace that is made just for them! Where we can discuss all details and arrangements that will stay for either of us to access at anytime. Having my pricing information and my packages available to send out at anytime has been a GAME CHANGER! I no longer have to copy and paste the wording from a notepad on my cellphone or desktop that will become bit of an eye sore when on my client’s end as a long paragraph leading up to the price of the service they are inquiring about. With HoneyBook, I am able to share my prices with photos, structure and dimension. This adds to my client experience and helps my clients see a preview of what their wedding day may look like as well as emphasizing the important pieces of the packages without overwhelming them with a bunch of unstructured and bold text.

Getting Paid Is Easier 

Yup. No more NEED for client’s to write up a check and mail it to you or to arrange a space to meet for the last payment. No more need to worry about LATE PAYMENTS. HoneyBook sends reminders AUTOMATICALLY to client’s reminding them of upcoming payments, a week before, two days before, the day of and when the payment becomes overdue. Client’s can easily and effectively pay directly online through a secure system after signing their agreement. There is an option for bank transfers and AUTOMATED payments so a client will never have to worry about missing a payment. The automated payments will be taken out automatically per the payment schedule that was previously set up. Making this a WIN WIN for both you and your client!

Becoming More Professional & Trustworthy 

This might sound silly at first but as a business owner in modern day, we become more trustworthy when we are up to date with software. For example, think if you were traveling to somewhere new and you google local restaurants. You find a few online. There is one listed with a website, review on yelp, google, maps and they are active on social media. You are able to see real client experiences there as well as photos of the establishment. You also find a name for another restaurant that only has a few mysterious listings on a yellow page site and google. You cannot access any photos of this establishment, their food or see any reviews. Which restaurant will you go to? Most likely the first restaurant. Why? Simply because they are up to date. You would walk in and be able to pay with credit card, apple pay or whichever modern day application is available. Just like the old saying, you have to put good in to get good out.

With the soon to be ring of the new year, what goals have you set for 2017? To become more organized and more established? Well, HoneyBook is the ticket for you!

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HoneyBook will be removing their option to have a founding membership which means paying ONE fee for the ENTIRE lifetime USUAGE of HoneyBook. This here was one of the main reasons I signed up for HoneyBook! I couldn’t fathom another payment and NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

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