Kaitlin and Nestor’s day was nothing short of special. Kaitlin and Nestor decided to keep the traditional alive and tie the knot on Kaitlin’s gorgeous family farm. This farm has run in their family for centuries and let me tell you, this place is outstanding! Kaitlin and her maids pampered themselves in Kaitlin’s old room and spoke about all the memories they shared in this house.

Kaitlin had all of her finest details assembling her big day laid out on her bed and ready to go. There was not a detail looked over or forgotten about.

With the prettiest blush bouquets from Monetary Farms, sweet notes to her future groom, twinkling lights around the ceremony area and a rustic shutter guest book.

Following the ceremony, the new bride and groom were surprised with two of the sweetest ideas I have ever come across. Kaitlin’s parents gathered a “wishing bowl” which would allow guests to write their best fortune for the newlyweds to be placed in a fish bowl while placing a wish on a rose quartz stone and releasing that into a large pot of water.

A rose quartz is a stone that represents unconditional love and can bring peace, compassion and healing to romantic relationships.

Kaitlin and Nestor were also surprised with a “love note” ceremony. These two were directed to write each other love notes before their wedding day. Thinking they would share these emotions on the day of their wedding yet little did they know these would be locked in a box for years to come.

Kaitlin’s father, Barry, held a box full of mementos they were directed to collect previously that represented their relationship. Barry instructed the two to place their love notes inside and to lock away these items that would remind them of their sweet love. Choosing a date far away from this day, they would be allowed to open this and reminisce on how far they have come over the bottle of wine placed inside the box. These two were reminded that they were allowed to open this container and remind each other exactly where they begin if they were to lose sight of what brought them to their wedding day.

Congratulations Kaitlin + Nestor! You make an incredible couple and I can’t wait to see where the years take you. 

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Let’s not forget about the fire slinging groomsmen and this incredibly BRAVE couple for standing in front of him for this shot!!

A HUGE thank you to all of the vendors who came together and made this day incredible!

Ceremony & Reception Venue:  Kaitlin’s Family Farm
Florist: Monteray Farms
Jeweler: TNT Jewelers
Hair Stylist: Kristin Gurkin at Beautiful Discovery Salon
Makeup Artist: Adela Rue at St. Michaels Hair Salon
DJ: Mark Savage
Caterer: Blue Heron Catering 
Gown Boutique: Dryden Dress 
Groom + Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse