If you have the privilege of knowing Kionna and Christian, you would know that these two shine when they are together. They have such loving, positive and uplifting energy. It is times like these when I am reminded what marriage should be. A person who is your absolute best friend. Someone you can ugly laugh with, ugly cry with, get frustrated with, have a blast with and even the person who can make all of your worries swirl away with the touch of their hand. This is exactly what I see in Kionna and Christian. A relationship that has blossomed through grade school and will be progressing towards forever.

Choosing a wildflower field, a gorgeous flowy gown and an incredible flower crown by Sherwood Florist; Kionna and Christian’s engagement session was sure to be one for the books. Christian was a trooper for getting poked in the eye by the gorgeous flower crown, swallowing some of Kionna’s hair and enjoying all of the moments that came with capturing their love in this short period of time.

I am so incredibly excited for your wedding day. Can it be June 2017 yet?!

HMUA: Emily Hurlock
Florist: Sherwood Florist 

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