Morgan and Ryan were such a delight! I am finding myself falling more and more in love with the love two souls share especiallyย when they are expecting a new addition to their family. Nolan should be making his arrival early next month! Cupid definitely struck his parents in love a little early.. ๐Ÿ™‚

A big thank you to Morgan for serving in the Navy. Thank you so much for your service for our country.

I was a bit surprisedย at first when these two shared with me that they began dating right before Morgan went into the service. I’ve had relatives and good friends be involved inย a military relationship and I know how hard they can be on the heart. Through distance, hospitalizations and everything else a military couple is faced with it is so beautiful when love conquersย all. I am delighted I got to be a part of this love story and cannot wait to meet little Nolan!