It’s been so fun for me to collaborate once again with Bridesmaids Gift Boutique and Groovy Groomsmen Gifts to highlight how their customizable gift options are great for any occasion instead of just wedding related items! 

Imagine being gifted this darling bag, airline tickets and a whole weekend get away planned for Valentine’s Day! You could pair this bag as a part of your newlywed trip and monogrammed showing off your new last name initial.

This bag is incredibly high quality with durable canvas material. The side clasps can come undone to hold more inside the bag or clip down, making the length of the bag a little smaller. There is a floating pocket with a zipper and a few slots for pens, chapstick, what have you! 

Gift your guy a multipurpose customized gift that can be used on each holiday, occasion, your wedding or an average day! There are a ton of examples of great customizable gifts over on Groovy Groomsmen Gifts. Including plenty examples of duffel and travel bags that could also double as a great getaway bag for that trip! 😉